Life in 35mm

This has been a really long week.  Once my internship ended today, what would normally have been another installment of the “Saturdays in SF” series become more of a “how many good photos can I get between Sutter and Montgomery BART?” piece.  Turns out the answer is two.  But aside from that, the other thing I did today was get the film photos that I developed recently scanned so that I could upload them online, which is going to be the majority of the photos I’m showing here.  Most of these film shots are from my trip to Seattle way back in September, and I’m really happy about how a lot of them turned out!  Feel free to take a look, and as always, the rest of them can be seen on Flickr.

Additionally, I am also mentally working on a short story that I’m hoping to write in the next week.  It’s a bit of a personal piece, so it’s been difficult to put it together, but I’m looking forward to sharing it with folks once I’ve got it down.

IMG_3650-1     IMG_3651-2

More shots of the Financial District, including the underside of the entrance to One Post Street.

2     9

A few of the photos from my film roll.  One of the view of Berkeley from Panoramic Way, the other of the Seattle skyline.


One thought on “Life in 35mm

  1. Nice photos! And it’s cool that you’ve turned something you thought you might not enjoy (the getting up super early for work part) into a project like this–definitely important to have something to look forward to! Like many others I love SF–but the best part is that even along the same path you can see/notice something different every time (so I’m sure you’ll have no shortage of stuff to capture!). Have fun!


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