About Me

What about me?  I’m just another guy that enjoys reading and writing, taking pictures and recording moments of his life that he believes are worthy of a more vivid memory.  Moments like this generally include travel to other countries, spectacular journeys with the people around him and personal mental epiphanies.  But I guess the fact that I have a blog would already tell you that huh?

So then what else about me?  The short answer includes the fact that my name is Jeffrey Pu, I’m an alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley (and was a foreign exchange student at the University of Hong Kong) who studied Political Science and Asian American Studies and am interested in a number of things including, but not limited to, photography, video games, karaoke, dancing and spontaneous adventures.  The long answer is that (I’d like to think) I’m a much more interesting person than just these simple details, so spend the time to get to know me ;P


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